Under The Water

For Pre Fall 23, Hofmann Copenhagen celebrates the vitality and beauty of water as a metaphor of contemporary life.

 “The starting point of the collection came to me on a trip to Ischia this summer, visiting two ceramics in their studio. Using ceramics as their canvas, they hand-painted scenes of life under the water in a style unlike anything I had ever seen before. My intrigue and fascination inspired me to use the medium of clothing to explore life under water, creating a different - and wearable - kind of art.”
– Heidi Hofmann

Water is a natural wonder and a symbol of vitality. Waves possess a calm wisdom as they meander across the sea, changing in their colour and appearance. Similarly to the realities of human life, water can also be turbulent, expressing unexpected qualities. Through this collection, Hofmann Copenhagen have explored the different facets of water to remind the wearer of the beauty of life.

Through a blend of feminine shapes and innovative fabrics, each garment embraces the movement, vitality and beauty of water. Inspired by the seabed, lace has been used across a number of pieces. Sequins have also been used to mimic the appearance of sunlight dancing across water and crystalline effects. In homage to marine life, prints of starfish, shells and corals permeate the collection,
as well as bubbly mesh textures in ode to sea foam.

Against a colour palette inspired by the natural tones of water, from pale green to an earthy yellow, a bold pink has been added to create a visual contrast and represent the relationship between mother nature and mankind. With a deeply inspired narrative, the silhouettes are simple and minimal in honour of our natural Nordic surroundings.
The result is diverse, easy-to-wear pieces with a timeless quality, synonymous with Hofmann Copenhagen.

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“Through these marine inspired clothes, I want to portray a strong feminine woman rising from the sea, brimming with confidence as she enters the modern land. Clothes are like our second skin and so we all need a comfortable armour to give us confidence”

“I love the idea of reusing prints and shapes, breathing a new life into them. As a designer, it assures me that there’s an element of timelessness to my designs. This is a huge mission for me, to work in this sustainable way. 
I also love to work and experiment with fabrics and techniques, developing and pushing the workmanship when creating a collection. Most of all, each garment needs to feel considered and worked through with all the little details that make Hofmann Copenhagen.” - Heidi Hofmann